Thank you for visiting The Center for Consciousness Education, wonderful things are underway as we undergo our transition into an online global educator. We recently held our first online Framing the Future meeting having a wonderful turnout, helpful dialogue and the wisdom we need to move into the next step of planning our online educational platform. As a result of this meeting we have created our first collective wisdom gathering survey for our new online community and completed our collection on January 31, 2015 and thank you for such a great response!

We are now in the process of going through all the feedback you have provided and will have a resulting action plan prepared for our next community meeting on 3.7.15. Join us for our next meeting:

Framing the Future: Part II
Collective Wisdom Results

Miss our Collective Wisdom Gathering Webinar?
We have the class recording and reference links available now!

Collective Wisdom Gathering Webinar


A recording of week #1 of #12 in our book study webinar series:
“Higher Consciousness Organizations and Their Leaders”


Now Available! 


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Testimonials from students at CCE

Classes at CCE give us an excellent way to re-understand the world and to learn how we can move into more caring and loving ways to interact with each other.

Cheryl Baker

Great place to learn about yourself!

LaNae Porterfield Havens

I have been attending this Center for almost four years now and have found it to be a place to learn and to grow in consciousness not only for my personal life but also for the life of our planet.

Judy Gray

I learned that each individual's journey is different and where they find themselves is OK. It is a means to inspire me to become the person I was meant to become.

Mark Erlandson

This class clarified how to humbly engage 1st and 2nd level consciousness with family and friends.

Maurice Muhammad