Welcome to the Center for Consciousness Education, a spiritual community that began in Albuquerque June 1, 2008 with the original name of Living Love Spirit Center. Our name was changed by the Center community to better reflect who and what the Center does.

Our core value is unconditional love which we manifest by helping people raise their level of consciousness. We do this by providing an integral education program that provides tools and methodologies from which one may grasp practices that support one in growing and sustaining consciousness at level three and above in all lines of human development.

We have a unique collective wisdom decision-making process and shared leadership style that invites the participation and input of all people.  At the Center everyone is a world server. We are people who understand that we are to be in service of the common good and are blessed to be a blessing to our world.  We envision a world where every human being is supported in fulfilling their potential!

All people interested in raising their consciousness for the good of humanity and planet earth are welcome in this place.